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"My students LOVE this book! I do a storytelling lesson for Halloween because it's always fun. I was beyond excited when I saw the email with the digital copy. I read a few stories aloud to them. They sat in terror and then begged for more. Thank you so much for this book. It's is very well done and is already bringing joy to my junior high theatre class."

- Jennifer M.

"My son and I love our copy of nightmare soup! Any plans to make a sequel?"

- Kayla H.

"Me and my son love the book, great stories and amazing artwork!"

- Matthew S.

"We have been super enjoying ours! I love reading scary stories out loud at night, while enjoying some snacks and wine!"

- Amanda C.

"I'm very grateful I received my signed copy of the book and sketchbook this week. Great work you guys. Look forward to more stories in the future."

- Jeff B.

"I received mine this week and am OBSESSED! I received the hardcover, sketchbook, and 4 prints and can't wait to frame them and put them on my living room wall."

- Christy L.

"Received my Collector's Edition set of Nightmare Soup, which included 4 Sketches as well as a Sketchbook with extra stories. I will say this has been the funnest Kickstarter ive been a part of and am glad I got to pitch in! Just wanted to say thanks to Jake and Andy for resurfacing the nostalgia of my Scary Stories I enjoyed so much as a child and for giving my kids some fun Ghoulish tales to keep them up at night terrified"

- Jared J.

"Received mine today and it's brilliant and beautiful!!!! Can't wait to frame my extras!!!!"

- Kimi W.

"Just got my books today. Fantastic job! Hoping for sequels! Thanks a ton!"

- Brandon P.

"Got my copy today, absolutely love it!!"

- Matt N.

"They arrived today and I couldn't be happier! My inner child thanks you so much!"

- Jenny S.