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10 Things That Terrified Me Growing Up In The 90s Part 2

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Nostalgia and horror seem to go hand in hand. As a kid, you always seem to remember the stuff that scares you. Here are 10 more things that were terrifying growing up in the 90s.

10. The X-Files Theme Song

Whether the episode was about carnival freaks or aliens, a creepy mood was always set when that strange whistling-like intro came on.

9. "Big Boy Pickles" From The Rugrats Episode "Angelica's Worst Nightmare."

8. The Troll from "Ernest Scared Stupid."

Plus the fact it turned you into a wooden doll... creepy.

7. When Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin Distort Their Faces In "Beetlejuice."

6. When Everyone Thought "The Blair Witch Project" Was Real.

5. The Toxic Waste Scene In RoboCop.

4. When E.T. Screams In The Cornfield.

It still makes he shudder... ugh.

3. When Gmork The Wolf Attacks In "The NeverEnding Story."

Also that scene with Atreyu and his horse Artax in the swamp emotionally destroyed me.

2. Whenever The Original Pennywise Revealed His Teeth In The "IT" Miniseries.

1. The "Ghastly Grinner" from "Are You Afraid Of The Dark."

Possibly the best episode ever... also, remember the name Sylvester Uncas?

Stay tuned for Part 3 of stuff that terrified us growing up in the 90s. Also, if you like this stuff, then you'll definitely like our book Nightmare Soup and Nightmare Soup 2, it was written and illustrated specifically with this type of nostalgic horror in mind. Check it out by CLICKING HERE or the image below!


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