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The Sandman Movie Project

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So if you haven't heard we are putting together our very first feature film! It's called "The Sandman" and is based on the mythical Eastern European character that brings people their dreams... or in this case... nightmares. One particularly disturbing version of the character is one in which the Sandman rips out the eyes of children and eats them. Our Sandman will have a similar craving (but everyone is fair game).

We have completed a screen test and are currently editing a concept short (about 2 minutes long) that will give everyone a brief look at the character. This is just a small, low budget tidbit of something we hope to expand on much further in the feature film.

The feature will be a hard "R rating" and in terms of feel and atmosphere, it will be on a similar level to The Conjuring movies and the newest "IT", however we are going for a slightly more disturbing/dark feel, and it will definitely NOT rely on jump scares (we are allowing for 1 or 2 at most). We are going to try and stay away from as many common horror tropes as possible. In addition the film will rely HEAVILY on practical effects rather than CGI.

Cast and Crew:

Primary lead and supporting cast TBA

Jake Tri: Producer/Director

Kenda McFarland: SFX and Makeup

Josiah Duncan: Director of Photography


Andy Sciazko: Producer/Concept Art

The current story-line (which is subject to change) is as follows:

A small town in Utah experiences a string of murders with the victims all sharing one commonality... their eyes are ripped out. As law enforcement tracks what they think is a serial killer, even more strange occurrences start happening, such as the emergence of "The Sleepless," a cult of people claiming that "The Sandman" has arrived.  

In the coming months we will be putting together a kickstarter to raise funds for this feature film. We need to raise a lot of money (over 100K) so we will definitely need your help. We'll have all sorts of awesome rewards and goodies, plus, backers will get their name in the credits and we are going to film an exclusive alternate ending just for them.

We know what a "good" horror film looks and feels like, and we are going to do everything we can to make sure our film is horrifically awesome. Happy Nightmares!

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