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10 Things That Terrified Me Growing Up In The 90s That Still Disturb Me Today

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It's crazy how well we remember something when it scares us, especially when we're kids. And it's even more crazy how those things tend to follow us into adulthood. Maybe it's because our emotions were so amplified back then... or... maybe it's because 90s media had a particular knack at creating concentrated nightmare fuel for kids. Probably a little bit of both. With that said, here are 10 random things that personally terrified me...

10. Meg Mucklebones - The Swamp Witch from Legend

The 1985 Tom Cruise movie Legend is a classic in my opinion, especially given its use of practical special effects and make-up (Tim Curry as The Lord of Darkness may be one of the best onscreen "devils" ever). But there is one scene in particular that branded itself onto my young brain, and it was that of Meg Mucklebones, the swamp witch.


9. Pretty Much Anything from Unsolved Mysteries

As soon as the theme song came on, my stomach would immediately drop. Not only did the host (Robert Stack) creep me out, but the stories would always end on a note like "These terrifying killers are still on the loose, in fact, they could be in your area. Please report any information you have on this case to the authorities." Yeah, that was real awesome to hear right before bed...


8. Flukeman from The X-Files

The X-Files theme song was creepy enough, but the show came up with some seriously disturbing monsters. The worst was by far the half man, half fluke-worm that lived in the sewers. Just look at it...


7.  The Hell Scene from All Dogs Go To Heaven

Producers reviewing first edit: "Hey that was really good, but you know what would make this children's movie even better? Inserting a hellish, demon filled nightmare that will mentally scar kids for life."


6. Zeke The Plumber

Kudos to the show producers of "Salute Your Shorts" for creativity... a disfigured, evil plumber that uses a plunger to steal your soul. Slow clap.


5. The Clown from The Cranberries Music Video for "Salvation"

If Pennywise, Pinhead, and Freddy Krueger were all mixed into one, you'd get this evil clown. Thanks for the childhood nightmares Cranberries, thanks a lot.


4. The entire "Land of Confusion" music video from Genesis

If I had to describe the term "nightmare fuel" to someone, I'd simply show them this music video. You will never be able to convince me these puppets weren't imported straight from hell.


3. The Time I Watched "The Thing" When My Mom Told Me Not To

Let's just say it was a very...very... poor decision on my part.


2. The Crypt Keeper Popping Out of His Coffin

If you tell me this didn't freak you out as a kid, then you're either lying or you're some type of robot.


1. And of course, the illustrations from the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series.

I'll be doing a post in the future counting down my favorite illustrations from the book, but as a whole... simply disturbing... There's just "something" about them that is unsettling and dark. Maybe it's how organic and messy they are, like flesh and blood just glopped onto a page. Whatever it is, they were (and still are) absolutely terrifying.


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