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The Tale Of The Silver Necklace

Nightmare Soup - The Silver Necklace

For Lucy’s 13th birthday, her two friends Sharon and Elle came to sleep over. At around midnight, the girls decided to conduct a seance. “We should call out to Alan,” Lucy said.
Alan was a boy in their grade who had drowned the year before.
“Wouldn’t we need an item that once belonged to him?” Elle questioned.
“Too bad we don’t have that stupid silver necklace he always wore,” Sharon laughed.
“Alan just lived down the street,” said Lucy. “I think that if we called out enough, he’d show up.”
They lit a candle Lucy had on her nightstand and sat on the floor, holding hands.
“Alan,” called Elle. “The three of us are summoning you to appear and wish Lucy a happy birthday.”
“Shut up!” Lucy laughed.
“I think we might have to call his name three times like in the movies,” said Sharon.
Just then, the candlelight went out.
“Oh God,” Elle gasped.
“Ha, it’s ok, I’m pretty sure the window is open,” Lucy chuckled.
“I don’t remember it being open,” Sharon said.
As Lucy stood up to relight the candle, a stream of cold water ran down the back of her neck into her shirt. She screamed and sprinted out of her bedroom. Her parents rushed to her room to find Elle and Sharon giggling; a bottle of water between them. “Sorry!” Elle exclaimed. “We just played a little joke on Lucy.”

Lucy’s parents called out her name, and when she didn’t reply, the four of them got worried and went looking for her. When they checked the guest bedroom, the carpet was soaking wet and the bathroom fan was on. They flipped on the light and found Lucy lying in the empty tub, eyes bulging and skin purple as if she had drowned days earlier. Around her bloated neck was Alan’s silver necklace.


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